Customer Testimonials


45 years, testimonial given 1.3.2015,

“I was diagnosed with a skin disorder when I was 12 or 13 years old.  At the beginning it was not very difficult.  I was trying available medicinal products and some of them were giving relief but after a short time, the symptoms were re occurring, usually with more severe intensity.  It was very difficult to have the disease on the body and to do things in the daily life.  I was scared that people would notice that my skin is affected, and they will chage their behaviour towards me.  With time the symptoms were becoming unbearable.  A friend of mine recommended me to Mr.Bozjo Tasevski.  Before the treatment he gave me detailed guidance-explanation and when I was confident what I had to do to eliminate the disease, I did decide to go ahead with the treatment mid december 2012.  It took some time however with the elimination of the disease, my life improved very much.  Now, I am using the same products just to keep my skin healthy.  I am grateful to Mr.Bozjo Tasevski for eliminating of the skin disorder from my body and getting new heathy life.  Also, I wish him all the best, and to help many affected people!” *


28 years, testimonial given 10.3.2014.

“I had eczema and skin disorders since my birth at the hospital.  I was straggling all my life with bad skin, pain and being afraid to mix with people. I did try many eastern or western medicinal products and had no success.  In 2009 my friend introduced me to Mr.Bozjo Tasevski.  He gave me thorough explanation-guidance after which I began with intensive treatment.  I stopped attending my university course and stayed at home. Then I called Mr.Tasevski nearly every day an the phone asking him many questions about the treatment.  He was giving me all the explanations, and that was encouraging me to continue and finish properly with the treatment.
My life improved very much. I continued my course, started to play soccer, I was not shy anymore to mix with people,or to go to the beach. Now I use the same products just to maintain a health skin.  I wish Mr.Tasevski all the best and to help many affected people!” *


14 years, testimonial given 26.3.2014.

“I did get skin problems when I was born at the hospital.  My parents did get recommendation from a friend about Mr.Tasevski.  After good explanation they began my treatment mid may 2005.  It was difficult and took quite some time  , to get new healthy skin.  Some times I cried and my parents and my grandmother were comforting me.  Now I am healthy and enjoy the life.  I am using the products occasionally to keep my skin in good conditions.  I wish Mr.Tasevski all the best of the future,and to help many people with affected skin.” *


19 years, testimonial given 15.11.2014.

“I did get intensive skin problems in early childhood.  It was very difficult to grow with disease all over my body. My parents heard about Mr.Tasevski and after good consultation they began to treat me.  It was hard to take the pain but feeling the new healthy skin growing gradually, I became more confident to endure with the treatment till it was finished properly. Now I am happy, healthy and play soccer.  I wish Mr.Bozjo Tasevski all the best for the future,and to help many other people.” *

Maurice affected daughter Rebeca

3 years

“She got a skin disorder in the hospital when she was born.  It took some months to complete the treatment.  Now she is healthy and enjoy growing up.We wish Mr.Tasevski all the best.”*





* individual results may very from person to person.