Bozjo Tasevski and his Psoriasis Treatment


Bozjo Tasevski and his Psoriasis Treatment

Born on the 25th December 1950 in Skopje, Macedonia, Bozjo completed, with honours, an Engineering degree in Chemical Technology at the State University  (St.Ciryl and Methodie), Skopje, in 1980.

Shortly afterwards in 1981 Bozjo migrated  to Melbourne, Australia where he now lives and works.

Since then he has gained extensive international experience in the technologies of manufacturing varieties of medicinal products for human treatment. He became a SCIENTIST, with a special interest in skin problems.

Through his work he encountered many cases of people with skin problems. In one case, a friend’s wife had her scalp affected by Psoriasis which triggered his curiosity. Up till this point he did not have much knowledge about PSORIASIS, and was forced to rely on the explanation given by dermatologists.

Their official medical definition for PSORIASIS was : PSORIASIS  is a internal, genetic, and uncurable disorder.

From his own research, the official definition was quite the opposite to the results he was getting with a number of people he was working with. His results were showing that the Elimination of the disease PSORIASIS, with topical application products was possible.


He was determined to solve the problem, and continued to treat more affected people and observe the effects of the products against the disease.

Bozjo now believes the problem is solved and the proof of this is in the results obtained by his clients.

You can find all the details, a explanation of Bozjo’s treatment (including pictures of his success) in his book – An Independent Scientist